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Here, we salute northern soul with a history of its rise and 30 of the best British female northern soul floor fillers.

Northern soul is a peculiarly British phenomenon, although its sound is predominantly American. Over time, however, songs by British artists began to creep onto club turntables.

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Brunetta – with or without her Balubas – is a name few Italians are familiar with. However, she remains a cult star.



Discover the best of East Germany’s girl singers as we pull back pop’s Iron Curtain and head behind the barbed wire of beat.


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Actress-cum-singer Christine Delaroche is one of our favourite French stars. And we particularly love this 1967 track.


Christine made her name in the 1965 French TV series Belphégor and, almost inevitably, this led to a recording contract. She remained more successful as an actress, though.


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Christine Delaroche:

Les tigres et les minets

4530584631.jpg Hear Marisol: Corazón contento Hear France Gall: Made in France Hear Samantha Jones: Don’t come any closer Hear Rita Pavone: Il geghegè Hear Sarolta Zalatnay: Fekete beat Hear Marion: Er ist wieder da 4530584631.jpg 

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Corazón contento


France Gall

Made in France


Samantha Jones

Don’t come any closer


Rita Pavone

Il geghegè


Sarolta Zalatnay

Fekete beat



Er ist wieder da

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